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Cross Registration

Instructions to the Student

  1. Complete the Cross-Registration Form. Please print clearly.
  2. Cross Registration can occur only during the Spring and Fall semesters of a current year and only apply to our partner institutions Claflin University and Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College.
  3. Forms will be accepted one week before the Spring/Fall semester ends until one week before the Fall/Spring semester begins, no exceptions. At the time of registration, only completed and approved cross-registration forms will be processed.
  4. Cross registered Students must be a legal resident of South Carolina. Out-of-state students who wish to enroll must pay the difference between the in-state and out-of-state tuition fees at the time of registration. A copy of the student’s schedule and driver’s license is required to prove cross-registration eligibility (full time status), legal residency in South Carolina and US citizenship.
  5. Legal Residency will be determined by the Office of Admissions based on the information provided with and on the CHEC Form in accordance with the State of South Carolina’s regulations and guidelines for in-state residency.
  6. Cross registered students must be in good standing and registered as a full time student having paid full-time tuition at their home institution.
  7. Students may register for one (1) free class at three (3) hours or maximum of four (4) hours, to include lecture and lab, per semester provided the course is not offered at the home institution.
  8. Special fees such as laboratory fees, application processing fee (if applicable) and registration fees must be paid to the host institution prior to being registered for classes. Book fees must be paid at the time of purchase in the College Bookstore.
  9. All cross registration students must adhere to class attendance and academic policies established by the host institution.
  10. Cross registration applicants will be registered two days after the current term begins from 8:30 am – 1:00 pm according to the forms on file by date received, space availability and/or approval of course instructor via online override.
  11. All students will be contacted and instructed how to print their schedules and complete the CHEC process and/or notified if classes are not available

REMINDER: Grades are processed at the host institution and are sent back to the home institution at the end of the term. No transcripts will be mailed to the home institution if a balance is owed to the host institution.

OC Technical College - Registration Guidlines for Cross Registration Students