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Upcoming Events

Key Events
Date Event
24 Jan Spring FTX
24 – 26 Mar (Ft Jackson)
28 Mar CU Honors and Awards Convocation
CU Students
4 Apr SCSU Honors and Awards Convocation
SCSU Students
6 Apr VC Honors and Awards Convocation
VC Students
7 Apr HoF & ROTC Ball
14 Apr Good Friday
CU & VC Closed
21 Apr Cowpens Staff Ride
28 Apr CU Last Day of Classes
CU Students
1 – 11 May SCSU, CU & VC Final Exams
All Students
6 May VC Graduation
VC Students
11 May Commissioning Ceremony - SHM
ROTC Graduates
12 May SCSU Graduation
SCSU Students
13 May CU Graduation
CU Students