SC State Faculty, Conway Publishes Book About Faculty Mentorship at HBCUs

Friday, March 30, 2018

ORANGEBURG, S.C. – Dr. Cassandra Sligh-Conway, an SC State professor of rehabilitation counseling, recently published her book entitled, “Faculty Mentorship at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.” Her book emphasizes the importance of senior faculty mentorship to junior faculty within higher education, especially at HBCUs. She believes that addressing the vital role mentorship plays in an academic institution’s survival, promotes more opportunities and positive learning experiences.

Armstrong WilliamsSligh- Conway’s book is a refreshing presentation, which notes the successful experiences HBCUs provide their faculty. The book examines diverse faculty members’ perceptions of mentoring at HBCUs and suggests ways to enhance mentorship.

“The experiences of faculty in this book will hopefully give junior and senior faculty members a unique perspective about how to ultimately be successful at any university. The insight provided in this book is given by faculty from HBCUs exclusively, to highlight how these schools still serve as beacons of opportunity for a diverse faculty body,” Sligh-Conway said.

“Faculty Mentorship at Historically Black Colleges and Universities” also presents emerging research regarding the importance of recruiting, retaining and promoting faculty within HBCUs. While learning about various issues surrounding mentorship at colleges, readers will also learn about the benefits mentorship offers, such as professional development and psychosocial support.

This book is deemed an important resource for educators, researchers, students, librarians and anyone who is seeking scholarly research concerning the growth of mentorship at historically black institutions.

Sligh-Conway’s book is available for purchase at:

For more information, please contact Dr. Cassandra Sligh-Conway at (803) 536-7075 or