I.P. Stanback Museum and Planetarium to Host “Epiphanies” Exhibit

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Cherub by Janet Kozachek

ORANGEBURG, S.C. – The I. P. Stanback Museum and Planetarium’s exhibition entitled, “Epiphanies: Art, Image and Insight” is now open to the public. The opening reception for the exhibition will be held at the museum on Thursday, Nov. 15 at 6 p.m.

Curated jointly by art critic and art historian, Frank Martin, and independent curator, Jonell Logan, the exhibition highlights the communicative value of fine arts and demonstrates the ways art can challenge assumptions, serve as a catalyst for revelation and help form new social meanings.

The term, epiphany is defined as a sudden intuitive insight, clarified understanding or new and shifted awareness of any given phenomenon or experience. The exhibition explores the power manifested through visual imagery as a way of communicating intangible concepts while highlighting the role visual arts plays in allowing audiences to have insightful moments.

Artists included in the “Epiphanies” exhibition are: Leo Twiggs, Omari Fox, Roni Nicole Henderson, Dogon Krigga, Janet Kozachek, Kim LeDee, Zun Lee, Juan Logan, Maggie O’Hara, Gywlene Gallimard, Jean-Marie Mauclet, Colin Quashie, Cheryl R. Riley, Alex Thierry, Nathaniel Wallace, Antoine Williams and John Wright.

The exhibit will be available until Jan. 25, 2019. For museum hours of operation or more information regarding guided visits or appointments, please contact the I. P. Stanback Museum at (803) 536-7174.