Whitaker Elected to the AAFCS

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

ORANGEBURG, S.C. – Dr. William Whitaker Jr., professor and interim chair for the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at SC State University, was recently elected to the Council for Accreditation, the official accrediting body of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS). The AAFCS conducts activities for the accreditation of family and consumer sciences units in higher education. Whitaker was informed of this appointment by Dr. Carol Anderson, director of accreditation.

GathersThe AAFCS Accreditation Program ensures that accredited undergraduate family and consumer sciences programs provide the highest quality educational experiences while preparing students for professional roles that improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities.

Accreditation standards for university programs and the criteria embedded within these rigorous standards reflect superior expectations defined by the profession. The standards are based on research, best practices, qualitative indicators of performance, particularly measures of program effectiveness, efficiency and productivity- including those related to student learning outcomes. As the profession evolves, standards for assessing quality are periodically examined and redefined.

The standards for accreditation are clear, valid for the profession and reliably assessed by qualified peers. Criteria for accreditation by AAFCS are applicable to all post-secondary family and consumer sciences programs, regardless of program differences such as size, scope, specialization, delivery methods, public, private or consortium affiliation.

“AAFCS accreditation has three basic purposes: to advance the academic quality of family and consumer sciences programs; to demonstrate accountability in meeting stringent metrics and to encourage planning and implementation necessary for progressive improvement,” said Whitaker.

“I appreciate the prestige conveyed by the Council for Accreditation in electing me, and I consider it a great privilege to serve AAFCS and the discipline in this capacity. This honor is also an amazing opportunity to reinforce the exemplary reputation of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at SCSU, while we continue our leading-edge programs and constantly aim to achieve excellence on behalf of our students, faculty and staff,” he continued.