Department of Agriculture and Public Service

Department of Agriculture & Public Service Faculty

Dr. Rizana Mahroof, Acting Chair

Dr. Haile M. Selassie, Agribusiness

Dr. Paul Rienstra-Munnicha, Agribusiness

Degree Programs

BS- Agribusiness

The ever-increasing specialization and commercialization of U.S. and global agribusinesses has created an extreme demand for well-trained agribusiness graduates. The Agribusiness Program involves the application of economic and business concepts to the field of agribusiness. Students with rigorous training in economic theory, applied economics and quantitative techniques which prepares them for challenging career opportunities in private as well as in public sectors of our economy.

MBA- Agribusiness

The Agribusiness Track of the MBA prepares students seeking advanced knowledge and training in the agribusiness industry to specialize in management of companies involved in food or fiber products, banks, and governmental agencies.


Agricultural Innovation and Entrepreneurship – with College of Business.