Master of Science in Transportation

Transform the Future of Our Communities With a Master of Science in Transportation

Transportation systems are the bedrock of the American economy and society, and in an ever-increasingly interconnected world, we need aspiring professionals who can lead in these high-growth, technology-based fields.

At South Carolina State University, our Master of Science in transportation degree will boost your knowledge and skills and accelerate your career in transportation in just two years. You’ll start by gaining an interdisciplinary look at historical, current, and future trends and developments within transit. Working alongside well-respected and experienced educators, you’ll also gain hands-on experience and discover how environmental, institutional, and societal decisions impact transportation.

You’ll be prepared to design, analyze, research, implement, and evaluate current and emerging trends in the field—and help improve lives through transit for people and organizations here in the Palmetto State and beyond.

A flexible master’s degree built for working professionals

Our two-year transportation degree program classes are offered during the evenings—meaning you can continue to work full-time while advancing your career prospects. We also offer the opportunity to specialize your degree in areas such as:

  • Business
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Modal Systems
  • Transportation Planning

Method of Instruction

  • On-Campus (face-to-face).

Transportation Degree Program Highlights

Do you want to create safer transportation networks? Are you wanting to help organizations more efficiently move goods by land, water, or air? Or, do you want to advance your learning to build better communities?

At SC State, our Master of Science in transportation—with four unique concentrations—is well-equipped to help you gain the knowledge and know-how to succeed and pursue advanced careers in transportation. As the only graduate transportation degree program in the Palmetto State, you can expect to find:

Facilities dedicated to your studies

SC State has a state-of-the-art transportation laboratory that is equipped with signal traffic controllers, occlusion goggles, a mobile driving simulator, virtual-reality pedestrian simulators, and more to help our transportation degree program students and faculty with data collection for research, education, and outreach activities. We’re also home to the James E. Clyburn University Transportation Center, which assists local, state, and federal agencies with various research and workforce needs.

Faculty who are expert teachers and researchers

Learn from educators with deep expertise that spans careers in transportation. You’ll learn from these thought leaders in the classroom, and you will even have the opportunity to join them in their research on topics such as travel demand modeling and simulation, transportation safety’s impact on distracted biking and walking, or smart mobile applications in transportation. You’ll also have the opportunity to pursue your own research.

A master’s degree that is affordable and accessible

Did you know that more than 90% of our transportation degree students receive tuition and stipend assistantships? That means most of our Master of Science in transportation students earn an advanced degree with very little—or no—debt.

Networking and career-building opportunities

Many of our transportation degree students get involved with our chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. The program funds first-year graduate students so that they can attend the Transportation Research Board annual conference every January in Washington, D.C. This is a great opportunity to build relationships in the field and meet others who are already in advanced careers in transportation.


Student-to-faculty ratio in the transportation degree program


More than 90% of our transportation degree students receive tuition and stipend assistantships


Years to complete Master of Science in transportation

What Can You Do With a Master’s in Transportation Degree?

When you pursue a Master of Science in Transportation from SC State, know that you are receiving an in-demand advanced education that will set you up for success. In fact, more than 90% of our graduates are employed or pursuing a terminal degree within three months of graduation.

Careers in Transportation

From infrastructure planning to mass transit agencies, public advocacy to traffic design and planning, SC State graduates pursue varying careers in transportation. You can find many of our alums working at:

  • Engineering firms
  • Metropolitan planning organizations
  • State departments of transportation

What You Will Study in Our Transportation Degree Program

At SC State, our two-year, 36-credit-hour transportation degree program is built in a way that meets your needs and interests. You’ll start with completing six core courses in:

  • Public Policy and Administration
  • Systems Analysis in Transportation
  • Transportation Economics and Finance
  • Transportation Planning
  • Transportation Statistics and Research
  • Urban Transportation Policy Development

From there, your transportation degree is completely customizable. We offer concentrations in business, intelligent transportation systems, modal systems, and transportation planning.

You’ll complete your studies with a thesis and seminar/internship—giving you the tools and techniques you need to succeed in careers in transportation.