Political Science

Elect to Become a Political Science Major at SC State and Live Out Your Career Dreams

Do you have a strong interest in government and politics? Are you considering an exciting career opportunity as a political scientist?

Join us as a political science major at South Carolina State University, where your political study will focus on one of four areas:

  • American politics
  •  Comparative politics
  • International politics
  • Political theory

Many students opt to explore politics as a science by following our public administration or pre-law track. No matter where your political study ambitions lead you, South Carolina State’s political science major combines theoretical analysis with practical experiences.

When you’ve completed studying politics as a science, you’ll be prepared to take on a wide variety of careers as a political scientist working in the public or private sector and beyond.

Method of Instruction


Political Science Major Program Highlights

As an aspiring political scientist in South Carolina State’s program, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

Field experiences, internships, and other hands-on learning
After establishing a foundation in general political classes, you’ll intern in national, state, or local government. Political science majors also have the opportunity to participate in real court sessions, as well as the Washington Program.

Networking and career-building opportunities
While studying politics as a science, connect with peers in the Political Science Club, Pi Sigma Alpha (the national political science honor society), and Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International. These opportunities will allow you to get to know your classmates better, as well as build a professional network.

Scholarship opportunities
Political science majors may qualify for the Justice Paul Webber Memorial Scholarship, the Benjamin F. Bailey Americanism Scholarship, or the William Jarvis Scholarship. You’ll have the opportunity to earn a valuable degree that is also affordable.

Faculty who will advise and support you in your in political study
Complete your study of politics as a science under special advisement for graduate study, pre-law, and public administration.


Student-to-faculty ratio in political science courses


Median salary of political scientists, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Years to complete political science degree

What Can You Do With a Political Science Degree?

Graduates of our political science major often go on to law or graduate school. Rewarding career paths for aspiring political scientists include working in U.S. government at the local, state, and federal levels, or taking on an impactful job in the public or private sector.

Your political study here may catapult you into a grassroots organizer role or to the top tiers of the legal system. No matter where you land, you’ll be well-prepared to take on a role in a wide variety of fields.

Political science careers
South Carolina State graduates with a political science major hold titles as:

  • Assistant public defender
  • Deputy chief, intelligence oversight at U.S. Army
  • Grassroots specialist
  • Public affairs specialist
  • Senior advisor to assistant secretary or financial institutions

What You Will Study in Political Science

When you enroll as a political science major, you may continue on as a generalist or choose an area of focus, from international politics to political theory. Your political classes will largely depend on your specific interests in the study of politics as a science. We offer two unique tracks:

Public administration track
If you see yourself taking on a role within a public agency, the public administration track may be for you. Your political studies will focus on issues such as public resources, accountability, and management problems in contemporary government.

Pre-law track
The pre-law track is designed to prepare political science majors for successful admission to law school. Our pre-law curriculum specifically facilitates oral and written communication proficiency as you undertake the political study.

Political classes also expose students to legal history, theory, and philosophy. One notable highlight for pre-law political science majors is a mock trial component built into some political classes, which acts to fine-tune analytical and problem-solving skills so you can construct factually sound and logically consistent oral arguments.
Other political classes you can take at South Carolina State include:

  • Black Politics
  • Political Philosophy
  • Research Methods