Application for Graduate Admission Checklist


Fall Semester – June 15th

Spring Semester – November 1st

Summer Term – April 1st

Application and application fee are valid for one year only. Applicants who do not enroll within one year after acceptance to Graduate School or who do not complete the application process within a one-year period will be required to file a new application, which will include submission of the application fee and new credentials.


Application & Application Fee

Complete the enclosed Application for Graduate Admission and submit it with the $25.00 nonrefundable fee.
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Provide an official copy of your baccalaureate transcript showing degree earned and official copy of ALL graduate credit transcripts. These must be MAILED from the transcript office, of the institution where earned, to the above address. (Caution: Be sure that any name chance since your graduation is reflected on both the transcript and this application.) Admission is now allowed without official transcripts.
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Enrollment Objective(s) and Current Resume

Provide a detailed explanation (150-300 words) giving your degree of enrollment objective(s) and providing any information which you consider pertinent to your academic or research potential. Be sure that your name and Social Security Number are on all attached sheets.

Proof of Residency Questionnaire and Supporting Documents

South Carolina State University is required, under South Carolina Law 59-112, to determine residence classification of applicants and students for purposes of receiving in-state tuition and fees that requires substantiating documentation.
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English Proficiency Examination (EPE) Score

Master’s Degree Applicants ONLY. A copy of your graduate EPE report showing a passing score. If you have not satisfied this requirement nor taken the EPE at the undergraduate level, complete and return the top portion of the enclosed form. NOTE: Read the instructions to see if you may exempt this examination.
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Standardized Test Score Report

Provide official standardized test score report. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test score is preferred. However, the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) may be substituted for all degree programs EXCEPT the M.S. & M.B.A. degrees in Agribusiness, Entrepreneurship & General MBA (GMAT required) and the M.S. degree in Transportation (GRE General Test only).

Teaching Certificate

Ed.D, Ed.S., & M.Ed. degree applicants (excluding Counselor Education) must submit a copy of their teaching (educator) certificate.

Recommendation Forms

M.A. and M.S. degree applicants are required to have two recommendation forms submitted. M.A.T., M.B.A., M.Ed., Ed.S, and Ed.D. applicants are required to have three recommendation forms submitted. It is preferred that you request former professors to serve as recommenders.
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South Carolina State University offers equal opportunity in employment, admissions, and educational activities in compliance with Title IX and other civil rights laws. South Carolina State University, in compliance with Sections 504 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, affirms its policy as an institution that does not discriminate against any qualified handicapped person on the basis of handicap in any of its program of activities.

2 Ways to send in your application

Mail To: Graduate Admissions, South Carolina State University, Box 7098 – 300 College Street, NE – Orangeburg, SC 29117-000

Office: 803-536-7064

Fax: 803-536-8812

Dr. Lakeisa Tucker, Acting Dean
College of Graduate & Professional Studies

Mrs. Vernell W. Wolfe, Administrative Assistant
Office of the Dean

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Horton, Director
Office of Graduate Services

Diamond Moorehead, Data Coordinator
Office of Graduate Services