College of Education, Humanities & Social Sciences

The College of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CEHSS) offers comprehensive programs of instruction, as well as other educational and professional experiences that contribute to the total development of the individual. The College believes that the core of all learning experiences is the student, and all educational experiences must begin with the individual student in mind. Therefore, CEHSS promotes a student-centered approach to teaching and learning that affirms and values the diversity and individual differences that each scholar brings to the learning experience. Our mission is to cultivate graduates who embrace critical thinking, fluent expression in writing and speech, knowledge and understanding of history and culture, and sensitivity to ethical and aesthetic standards. CEHSS is committed to preparing students to become certified school and professional personnel.

The College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (CEHSS) is proud of its legacy of producing alumni who are members of United States Congress, U. S. Federal and Supreme Courts, House of Representatives, and Senate, National Football League, and CEO’s of local and national companies. CEHSS is also proud of its Armed Forces Generals and Commanders, and educational leaders who serve as superintendents, principals, guidance counselors, and classroom teachers in school districts throughout South Carolina and across the nation.

South Carolina State University Department of Teacher Education has been NCATE Approved for more than forty years (1976-2019)

The College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (CEHSS) consists of four departments: Department of Education, English & Modern Languages, Social Sciences, and Visual and Performing Arts. Together, the departments offer approximately 30 majors. In addition, each department within this unit provides general education courses and is the center of the liberal and fine arts programs.