Honors College

The Honors College (formerly the Honors Program) at South Carolina State University was initially  initiated in the fall of 1988.  In Fall 2010, The Honors College was implemented.  The Honors College (HC) is designed to provide the best possible education for the exceptional student.  The Honors College will contribute to the strategic plan of the University of attracting gifted and talented students and retaining them until graduation through the creation of a community of scholars, thereby impacting the intellectualization of the entire campus.   The HC comes under the administrative auspices of the Division of Academic Affairs.  Administrative responsibility rests with the Honors College Dean, who reports directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  The Dean is responsible for the coordination and management of all programs and activities.  The educational objectives are to 1) Provide a more rigorous academic curriculum based on a required core of Honors General Education courses and special topic seminars from freshmen year through graduation.  2) Provide a means for an educational experience focusing on the knowledge, cultural, and theoretical skills that will allow honors college graduates to be more successful in all aspects of life. 3) Continue to promote university excellence that will set a new standard of excellence for South Carolina State University and the Honors College. 4) Implement a university-wide collaborative resource for retaining the best and brightest future leaders. 5) Create new funding opportunities 6) Implement university-wide internship programs.7) Implement Honors College Seal on Transcript and Degree 8)Increase credit hours from 8 to 30, with a minimum of three courses at Junior and Senior level to include a Senior Capstone Project.  In order to meet the critical need and demand to transition from Program to College, several courses has been added across the general education curriculum-ideally in the areas of English, mathematics, the sciences, and even elective courses and seminars across interdisciplinary areas.  The Honors Philosophy Integrated Learning (HPIL) seminars are infused throughout the students’ matriculation throughout freshmen and senior year.