Office of International and National Student Exchange Programs (OINSEP)

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Office of International & National Student Exchange Programs (OINSEP) is to strengthen the academic and cultural environment of the University using initiatives that support the internationalization of the campus community.

Vision Statement:

The Office of International & National Student Exchange Programs provides students at SC State a passport to international educational and cultural opportunities making them significant contributors to the global market place.


  1. To  promote multicultural awareness, international understanding, cross-cultural training, and world affairs education at SC State University
  2. To promote the integration of international understanding and global awareness in the curriculum
  3. To serve as the catalyst for negotiating, implementing, and maintaining international linkages with institutions of higher education in other countries
  4. To support study abroad programs, international student and scholar exchange programs, and the National Student Exchange program
  5. To support other programs, events, and activities that strengthen the international dimensions of the University
  6. To provide services that assist with the recruitment and retention of international students
  7. To establish a financially sustainable Center of International Education