General Information

All expenses for the semester, including fees, room and board, must be paid before or at the beginning of each semester as a condition of admission to class. No student should come to the University for registration without money sufficient to cover all of his fees, expenses and deposits for that semester. A receipt should be secured from the Business Office showing that fees and expenses have been paid. A penalty of $200 is charged for registration completed within the period set apart for late registration.

To confirm acceptance, a deposit of $35, payable within 30 days of notification of acceptance, is required of all new and readmitted students who were not enrolled in the previous semester. This deposit will be applied to the credit of the student’s college fee, and is not refundable should the student find that he cannot enter the University. However, he may receive credit for the deposit if he decides to enroll at the University the semester following that for which the deposit was made, but no credit thereafter.

Registration is not complete until all fees have been taken care of. No student will have any privileges in classes or laboratories until all fees and expenses have been settled. All students indebted to the University must clear all financial obligations with the Business Office prior to the taking of final examinations. Students whose bills have not been paid cannot enter final examinations. Those whose accounts become two months in arrears may be requested to withdraw from the University. Students failing to take a final examination because of failure to clear financial obligations must take the final examination prior to the next scheduled registration of the regular academic year after payment of a $5 special examination fee. Request for this examination must be made to the head of the department of the area in which the examination was missed.

Money orders, cashiers’ checks or certified checks for the exact amount of charges should be made payable to “South Carolina State University,” and sent to the

Treasurer’s Office
P.O. Box 7425
South Carolina State University
Orangeburg, South Carolina 29117

Transportation expenses to centers where students do practice teaching must be paid by the practice teachers.