Registration Payment Options

A student will be considered officially registered at South Carolina State University when all of the items listed below have been satisfied and arrangement for fees has been made according to one of the options noted:

The student must:

  1. Select and register for courses via Bulldog Connection.
  2. Pay all charges and fees based on Class Schedule for the current term with one of the options below.
    Option 1: Full financial aid to pay Balance Due.
    Option 2: Full scholarship to pay Balance Due.
    Option 3: A combination of Financial Aid and Scholarship OR Financial Aid and Cash OR Scholarship and Cash to pay Balance Due.
    Option 4: Payment of Balance Due by Cash and Tuition Pay Plan.
    Option 5: Payment of Balance Due Online by Credit Card – Visa or MasterCard.
    Option 6: Payment of Balance Due with Cash, cashier check, official bank check, Money Order, or credit/debit cards.

Special Notes:If there are special reasons or circumstances which will prevent you from attending SCSU for the AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY REGISTERED FOR THE TERM, YOU MUST NOTIFY OR WRITE THE REGISTRAR”S OFFICE AT 300 College Avenue, P. O. Box 8104, Orangeburg, SC 29117 to avoid charges and/or academic penalties. Telephone: (803) 536-7185 or email:

Eligibility to Attend Classes
A student will be considered eligible to attend classes ONLY when all charges and fees are paid for the term.