Withdraw from the University

Students must officially Withdraw from the University if they register and then decide not to attend. Not all withdrawals result in a refund of fees. Refer to the official withdrawal dates and the University Refund Policy for more detailed refund information.

It is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from the University if not attending. Failure to notify the University before the end of the 100% refund period can result in the student being responsible for fees and charges. Collection of delinquent accounts may be referred to collection agencies and/or the Internal Revenue Service. Students who fail to withdraw will receive grades of “UF” on their official transcripts for the terms of non-attendance. For more information on withdrawal procedures, please see catalog.

Students receiving financial aid who drop/withdraw from classes may be responsible for repaying of loans and other financial assistance which may have been used in paying University fees or charges. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information at (803) 536-7067.

  1. Withdrawing from the University means withdrawing from ALL classes that have not been completed up to that time. To understand responsibility for fees when a student officially withdraws from the University, see the Fee Refund Policy.
  2. To voluntarily withdraw from the University before the end of a semester, you must drop all your classes. After withdrawing, please check with your instructor to make sure that your withdrawal has been successfully processed. The official date of withdrawal will be based upon the date the Registrar’s Office is notified. See the University Calendar for specific deadlines.
  3. Consult your academic advisor and/or your departmental chair prior to making the decision to withdraw from the University.
  4. If you fail to follow official withdrawal procedures, you will receive the grade of “UF” for each class you were enrolled in but failed to complete.
  5. Failure to attend a class will not drop you from the class. If you do not complete a Drop/Add form to drop the course by the guidelines listed here, you will be given a grade of “F” by the instructor or a grade of “UF” by the Registrar’s staff unless you make arrangements with your instructor to receive an “incomplete” for the course. A grade of “UF” calculates in the grade point average as a grade of “F”.