Sponsored Programs and Research

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is the centralized unit charged to coordinate research and sponsored program activities campus-wide. The Office strives to maintain a supportive environment for research and scholarly endeavors, and encourages the faculty and staff to seek external funding to support the mission of the university and to explore alternative means to advance their professional interest.

OSP seeks to ensure that the most up-to-date funding information is available. To that end, the following services are offered: (1) identifying funding opportunities (2) coordinating proposal and budget development and (3) assisting with project implementation and management.

Elbert Malone
Associate Provost for Sponsored Programs and Research
Ko W.G. Donma Administration Building
Suite 204
(803) 536-8213

About Us

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is established and specifically charged with the responsibility of assisting all facets of the University with the process of research. It can provide support services to all faculty and staff in the preparation of proposals to outside agencies from the conceptual stage through the post-award reporting process.

The Office reports directly to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs and works indirectly with the Office of the President and the Vice President for Financial Affairs and Management Information Systems on all matters relating to research at the University. All proposals involving sponsored research and research-related educational activities are reviewed and approved by this office prior to final approval by the President (or designee).

Information concerning applications for research support from federal and state agencies, corporate organizations, foundations, and institutes is available through the OSP. Also, the OSP coordinates all patent and copyright activities through approved technology transfer agents. The Office of Sponsored Programs has the ultimate responsibility of advising the President and the Senior Administrative Staff on institutional research policies and activities and making recommendations on current and future priorities in research.


Jonona Govan
Grants Administrator II/Compliance Officer
Belcher Hall, Room 417
(803) 516-4820

Deborah Blacknall, CRA
Grants Administration and Assistant Officer
Belcher Hall, Room 413
(803) 536-8450

Deitra S. Briggman
Grants Coordinator I
Ko W.G. Donma Administration Building
Suite 204
(803) 536-8394

Gwendolyn F. Mitchell-Ulmer, CRA
Grants Administrator II
Belcher Hall, Room 411
(803) 536-8212

Debra McAlister
Project Manager/Coordinator
Belcher Hall, Room 416
(803) 516-4790

Naseema Moore
Grants Coordinator I
Belcher Hall, Room 415
(803) 516-4703

La Verne E. Proctor-Streeter
Grants Administrator II
Belcher Hall, Room 414
(803) 533-3799