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Master of Secondary Education

Master of Secondary Education

Help Teenagers Learn and Thrive With Our Secondary M.Ed. in Education Program

Middle and high school are crucial times of education and development for young pupils—and secondary education teachers play a central role during these formative years in their lives.
At South Carolina State University, our Master of Education in Secondary Education degree prepares you to effectively teach students in seventh through 12th grade and guide them to success in classrooms and in their futures. Throughout our graduate education degrees, you’ll learn from leading minds in education as you gain hands-on training through classroom practice, microteaching, seminars, and other various teaching-learning experiences.
You’ll be prepared to strengthen, extend, and integrate your knowledge and skills in the classroom as a secondary education teacher—and assist other educators in creating the best environments for teenagers in the Palmetto State and beyond to succeed in their learning.

Specialize for your secondary education classroom

SC State’s Master of Education in Secondary Education degree is designed for the advanced preparation for teachers in grades 7–12. We offer nine concentrations in:

  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Industrial education
  • Mathematics
  • Physical education
  • Science
  • Social studies

Method of Instruction

  • Face-to-face

Secondary M.Ed. in Education Program Highlights

Prepare for a rewarding career and advance your classroom prospects with SC State’s Master of Education in Secondary Education. Our graduate education degrees will equip you with practical tools and groundbreaking teaching techniques to meet the wide-ranging needs and learning abilities of today’s teenage students.
At SC State, you can expect to:

Learn from faculty with expansive expertise

From biology to business, English to physical education, there are many teaching opportunities within middle school and high school classrooms. At SC State, we have faculty members who are expert educators in each of our nine secondary M.Ed. concentrations—individuals who will be there to prepare you for success now and in your classroom.

Gain vital hands-on learning

Whether it’s learning in the classroom or taking on a research project, at SC State all our M.Ed. in education students have ample opportunities to put their learning into action. You’ll be better prepared for the classroom because of the unique opportunities our program provides you.

Pursue studies in small graduate-level courses

With a 14:1 student-to-faculty ratio, you’ll have the opportunity to connect and network with both your faculty members and your fellow classmates.

Student-to-faculty ratio in Master of Education courses
Concentrations within secondary M.Ed. in education
Years to complete secondary education degree

What Can You Do With a Master’s in Secondary Education Degree?

SC State secondary M.Ed. in education graduates are well-rounded and well-respected here in the Palmetto State and beyond. Being able to teach courses such as advanced chemistry or calculus, you’ll be ready to transform minds—and help your students dare to dream—with your Master of Education in Secondary Education.
And when you graduate with a master’s in secondary education, you’ll be joining a career that is expected to grow 5% over the next decades. That’s according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Secondary education careers

SC State Master of Education in Secondary Education graduates are able to pursue a wide variety of careers, including as:

  • Academic coordinator
  • Curriculum leader
  • High school teacher
  • Instructional designer
  • Middle school teacher

What You Will Study in Secondary Education

Our Master of Education in Secondary Education degree begins with three foundational courses—Introduction to Data Analysis, Understanding Educational Research, and Learning Theories for Teachers. After your M.Ed. in education intro courses, you’ll pursue a research project and take on four professional core courses in:

  • Advanced Methods of Teaching
  • Curriculum Development in the Secondary School
  • Instructional Technology
  • Multicultural Education

Nine concentrations to help you specialize for the classroom

At SC State, we offer nine M.Ed. in secondary education concentrations—biology, business, chemistry, English, industrial education, mathematics, physical education, science, and social studies. These four- to five-course specializations help you gain added expertise and training for the classroom, with courses such as Applied Numerical Analysis, Field Biology, Shakespeare, Principles of Motor Learning and Motor Performance, and more.