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Dr. Abdul Goni
Abdul Goni

Biological & Physical SciencesAssistant ProfesssorLeroy Davis Hall, Room 326803-949-6763

Abdul Goni

Dr. Abdul Goni is a dedicated and esteemed full-time faculty member in the university's Department of Biological and Physical Sciences. With a strong passion for education and research, he excels in teaching labs and lectures for both lower and upper divisions in chemistry courses.

Within the department, Goni actively contributes as a valued member of various committees, playing a pivotal role in shaping the academic environment and fostering positive student learning experiences.

As a Principal Investigator (PI), Goni conducts extensive research in diverse areas of chemistry, exploring new frontiers and contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge. His expertise also extends to mentoring and co-mentoring students in engaging chemistry research activities, providing them with valuable hands-on experiences and practical applications in real-life settings.

Goni's dedication to education and research is evident through his commitment to engaging students in various exciting chemistry research projects. He believes in empowering his students with practical skills and inspiring them to apply their knowledge to real-world challenges.

In addition to academic pursuits, Goni actively collaborates with other universities in research endeavors, promoting knowledge exchange and interdisciplinary exploration.


  • THE  UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA, MISSOULA, MONTANA, USA., Ph.D., Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis, December 2016
  • JAHANGIRNAGAR  UNIVERSITY, DHAKA, BANGLADESH., B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science-Honors), Chemistry, April 2001, First Class, M.Sc. (Master of Science), Chemistry, July 2003, First Class  Phil. (Master of Philosophy), Environmental Chemistry, November 2007.


“I started teaching chemistry as a full-time faculty at SCSU in August 2021.  Prior to joining SCSU, I taught a variety of chemistry courses both lectures and labs at different universities in the US and other countries. I have about fourteen years’ experience of teaching in the field of chemistry both lectures and labs. I taught chemistry at Middle Georgia State University-USA, The University of Montana-USA, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology-Bangladesh, The University of Asia Pacific-Bangladesh, Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology-Bangladesh, and United International University-Bangladesh. 

I have research experiences in different areas of chemistry. I worked in the fields of inorganic chemistry, environmental chemistry, organometallic chemistry, catalysis, and material chemistry.  I have published my research findings in different peer-reviewed, referred, and highly recognized international scientific journals.        

I have presented my chemistry research results in various national and international conferences of American Chemical Society (ACS), Canadian Chemical Society, IUPAC, and Bangladesh Chemical Society (BCS).  

I worked as a mentor and co-mentor of undergraduate students, graduate students, and high school students in various chemistry research projects at different academic institutions.  I supervised graduate, undergraduate, and high school students in different research projects in the areas of environmental pollution chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and organometallic chemistry."

Research Interests

"My research interests focus on Inorganic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis, and Material Chemistry.  The primary goal of my research activity is to engage students in various interesting chemistry research projects and help them to understand and realize the wonderful applications of chemistry knowledge and ideas to solve various problems that we face in our real-life environments. My current research projects concentrate on the investigation of environmental pollution and remediation techniques, carbon capture technology, designing and synthesis of new ligands and transition metals ligands complexes, homogeneous catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, and conversion of waste materials into suitable potential functional materials to reuse them in different fields. I love teaching and I truly enjoy teaching chemistry concepts to students from various disciplines and backgrounds. At SCSU, I teach lower division and upper division chemistry lecture and lab courses which include General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, Inorganic Chemistry, and Research in Chemistry. Prior to join at SCSU, I taught a variety of chemistry courses both lectures and labs at several universities which are:  General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, Inorganic Chemistry I, Inorganic Chemistry II, Principle of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry I, General, Organic and Biochemistry (GOB), Industrial Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Survey of Chemistry I, Survey of Chemistry II, and other chemistry courses for science majors, allied health science majors, and non-science majors. I publish my research findings in various peer-reviewed, referred, and highly recognized international scientific journals. I also present my research works in national and international scientific conferences. A list of my recent and previous publications as well as conference presentations are attached in the CV.  I also have national and international research collaborations. Currently I am conducting collaborative research works with different research groups at several universities in the US and abroad. "

Communiity Involvement

Beyond the campus, Goni's passion for community engagement shines through his involvement in community outreach activities. By sharing his expertise with the broader community, he contributes to the betterment of society and the advancement of scientific understanding.