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Abu Bakarr Kamara
Abu Kamara

Biological & Physical SciencesAssistant Professor of Chemistry328 Leroy Davis Hal301-813-1120

Abu Bakarr Kamara

Dr. Abu Bakarr Kamara is an assistant professor of chemistry and serves as the Chair of the curriculum committee for the chemistry department. He teaches both lecture and lab courses, including General Chemistry and Chemistry Organic I & II. Additionally, he is a faculty research mentor, faculty tutor in chemistry and a research summer instructor. Dr. Kamara is also recognized as a Made in SC/EPSCoR Researcher.


  • Bachelors of Science, Major in Chemistry and Minor in Mathematics in Education,1994. University of Sierra Leone.
  • Doctor of Philosophy. Chemistry Organic and Material Chemistry, 2017. Howard University, Washington DC.


Dr. Abu Bakarr Kamara's journey as an educator began in 1994 when he started teaching High School students STEM subjects in Sierra Leone. After completing advanced studies, he pursued an undergraduate degree in Science and Education, specializing in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics. As a High School Chemistry and Mathematics teacher, he provided supplemental instruction through out-of-class review sessions, nurturing students' problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.  His teaching career took him to Botswana, where he received recognition and awards for his exceptional work, including being named Teacher of the Year. Upon migrating to the United States, Dr. Kamara served as an assistant instructor (Paraeducator) in the Montgomery County public school system, assisting students in regular and special education. He also volunteered as a coordinator for the school's homework club, providing guidance and support to students in completing assignments.

At South Carolina State University, Dr. Kamara is an Assistant Professor for General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry lecture and laboratory courses. He actively mentors Made in SC/EPSCoR research-supported students and plays a vital role in the Research Committee Made in SC/EPSCoR Thrust 1. Additionally, he is engaged in a transformative project that aims to enhance the university's chemistry and physics teaching program.  Dr. Kamara's culturally diverse experiences across three countries and two continents have influenced his teaching philosophy throughout his career. He believes in fostering students' enthusiasm for learning and achievement, acknowledging that learning styles can vary based on cultural, economic, and social differences. His teaching methods involve meeting students at their individual levels and empowering them to thrive academically.

As an international educator, Dr. Kamara understands students' challenges while studying abroad, including language barriers. To overcome these challenges, he emphasizes preparation, dedication, and the use of modern instructional technology.  During the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, Dr. Kamara actively participated in training sessions conducted by the university to adapt to online and hybrid teaching methods. With almost 25 years of teaching experience both locally and abroad, his dedication to education remains unwavering. 

More About Dr. Abu Bakarr Kamara

Dissertation publication: Novel Low-Cost and Environmentally Friendly Synthesis of Core -Shell Structured Micro Particles for Fossil Energy Application.

Hobbies: Special interest in teaching. Watching Television and listening to news, domestic and international.