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Courtney Thomas
Courtney Thomas

Biological & Physical SciencesAssistant Professor of Chemistry and BiochemistryDavis Hall 322803-536-8874

Courtney Thomas

Dr. Courtney Thomas serves as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, making significant contributions to the academic and research domains. Her expertise and passion for the subject are evident through her role as an educator, where she excels in teaching both lecture and lab sessions of general chemistry and biochemistry I and II.  In addition to her role as an educator, Dr. Thomas is a prolific academic researcher focusing on conducting cancer-related biochemistry research. Her commitment to exploring and understanding the complexities of cancer at the biochemical level drives her to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and potential medical breakthroughs.  Dr. Thomas's research endeavors aim to unravel the intricate mechanisms underlying cancer development, laying the groundwork for potential therapeutic interventions and targeted treatments.


  • 2010 Bachelor's of Science from Cedar Crest College
  • 2013 Master's of Science in Chemistry from Howard University
  • 2018 PhD in Chemistry from Howard University


Dr. Thomas joined the esteemed faculty of South Carolina State University in the Fall of 2018, assuming the role of Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Since her arrival, she has been instrumental in running a cutting-edge research lab. She plays a pivotal role as an academic advisor for the Bulldog Chapter of the American Chemical Society.  Prior to her tenure at South Carolina State University, Dr. Thomas enriched the academic landscape at Trinity Washington University in DC and Mount St. Mary's University in MD, where she served as a dedicated educator while pursuing her doctoral studies in chemistry at Howard University. As an Assistant Professor, Dr. Thomas brings her expertise and passion for chemistry and biochemistry to inspire and guide her students. Her research lab serves as a hub for scientific exploration, contributing to advancements in the field and nurturing the spirit of inquiry among aspiring researchers.  Additionally, her role as an academic advisor for the Bulldog Chapter of the American Chemical Society enables her to mentor and support students in their academic and professional pursuits, fostering a sense of camaraderie and excellence within the chemistry community.


  • General Chemistry lecture and lab (C150, C151, C152)
  • Biochemistry lecture and lab (C403, C404)
  • Chemistry Seminar (C410)

More About Dr. Courtney Thomas

She enjoys reading in her spare time. She is a Steven King fan. She enjoys traveling out of the country and immersing herself in other cultures. She enjoys fitness and teaches a weightlifting class at the YMCA.