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Dr. Florence Anoruo
Dr. Florence Anoruo

Biological & Physical SciencesPlant & Environmental Scientist, Associate Research Scientist/Project Director, Emerging Crops Research, 1890 Research and Extension, Faculty- Dept. of Biological & Physical Sciences.Leroy Davis Hall 226803-536-8936

Florence Anoruo

Dr. Florence Anoruo plays a dual role at the university, serving as both a Researcher and Project Director for the Emerging Crops and Industrial Hemp Research Project, as well as a faculty member in the Department of Biology. In herresearch capacity, she leads the efforts in studying emerging crops and industrial hemp, contributing to advancements in agricultural practices and the exploration of new possibilities for sustainable crop production. As a faculty member, Dr. Anoruo imparts her knowledge and expertise to students in the field of biology, nurturing the next generation of scientists and researchers.


  • BS in Botany/Environmental Science, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven CT
  • MS in Environmental/Biology Education, South Carolina State University
  • PhD in Plant Physiology/Ecology from University of South Carolina Columbia, SC.


Dr. Anoruo has served SC State since 2016. As a faculty member in the Department of Biology, she plays a crucial role in guiding students as the Faculty Advisor to the Environmental Action Club, promoting their involvement in environmental causes.  Beyond the classroom, Dr. Anoruo actively engages in research and community outreach, mentoring students in the fields of plant/environmental sciences, climate justice, food insecurity, and environmental justice.

Her accomplishments are truly remarkable, as she serves as a reviewer for the Journal of Environmental Management and has been appointed to the US EPA Science Advisory Board. Additionally, she has held the position of Visiting Scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory.  Dr. Anoruo's dedication extends to various environmental organizations, where she serves as a Board Member for the SC Environmental Justice Network, Dogwood Alliance, and the Greening Youth Foundation. She also is an active member of the South Cover Crop Council and the SC Food Policy Council.  Furthermore, Dr. Anoruo's expertise is recognized as she participates as an Ad Hoc Grant Reviewer for organizations such as USDA-NIFA/SBIR and serves as a USDA Agricultural Research Service Charleston at Claflin University.

Research Interests

Regenerative/Climate Smart Agriculture, Industrial Hemp/ Emerging Crops Research, Biofuel Feedstock, Phytoremediation.


Botany, Plant Physiolotgy, Soil and Natural Resource Conservation,  Biological Sciences, Environmental Toxicology/Management Ecology,


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Hobbies & Interests

Traveling, gardening, tennis.