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Keesha Pelzer
Keesha Pelzer

Director, Business and Administrative Operations, 1890 Research & Extension1890 R&E Administrative and Community Building803-536-8971

Keesha Pelzer

Keesha Pelzer serves as the overseer of administrative activities within the 1890 Research and Extension division. Her role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including the development of policies and procedures, personnel management, and budgetary development. Pelzer plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the division by implementing effective administrative practices and protocols. In her role, Pelzer provides supervision to the existing program staff, overseeing their daily operations and providing guidance and support as needed, taking a hands-on approach in directing ongoing program activities, ensuring that they align with the division's objectives and meet the needs of the community.  With her strong leadership and management skills, Pelzer plays a pivotal role in maintaining the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the 1890 Research and Extension division.


  • Associate’s degree in office systems technology (1999) from Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College
  • Bachelor’s degree in organizational management from Claflin University (2002)
  • Dual mmaster’s degree in human resource management and management from Webster University (2005)


Pelzer joined the 1890 Research and Extension in 2001 as an administrative specialist before moving on to 1890 Research in 2004. She was promoted to senior research director for administrative operations in 2010. Pelzer was assigned to a new post in 2019 as the director for business and administrative operations.