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Marcus D. Corbett
Marcus D. Corbett

EducationDirector and Instructor of Centralized Advisement, Retention, & Evaluation - The C.A.R.E. CenterTurner Hall D-Wing 220803-516-4527

Marcus D. Corbett

Marcus D. Corbett plays a pivotal role in the Department of Education and the Teacher Education Department as the overseer of critical aspects of student admission, advisement, and monitoring. He is dedicated to ensuring the success of students pursuing careers in education and teacher certification.  His responsibilities encompass the careful oversight of Stage 1 in the Matriculation Process, including facilitating PRAXIS CORE and PRAXIS II referrals, thereby promoting the competence and readiness of aspiring certified teachers. Corbett also manages the Referral and Placement Service, a valuable resource that aids in retaining students within the department through early assessment, monitoring, and personalized advisement.

In addition to overseeing student progress, he actively contributes to the academic community by teaching courses relevant to his expertise and serving as a student advisor. Corbett's commitment to excellence extends to supervising departmental staff members, ensuring the smooth execution of essential duties.  Beyond his administrative roles, Corbett efficiently manages the departmental budget, fostering financial stability and responsible allocation of resources. His dedication to maintaining compliance with State and CAEP standards and supporting the preparation for CAEP Accreditation visits further emphasizes his commitment to the highest educational standards.


  • M.A.T. Master of Arts and Teaching English Education 2020 SC State University 
  • MPA Master of Public Administration 2004 Metropolitan College of New York 
  • BPS Bachelor of Professional Studies Human Services 2003 Metropolitan College of New York


Corbett's impressive career spans various educational institutions and roles, demonstrating his commitment to advancing education and supporting students' success.  At South Carolina State University, he served as the director of both the Black Males Project and the Call Me MISTER Program, contributing to the empowerment and upliftment of young men in the university community.

His dedication to education extended to the South Carolina State Department of Education, where he assumed the position of education associate and state administrator for neglected & delinquent students, ensuring that vulnerable students received the support they needed.

Corbett also made significant contributions to Denmark Technical College, where he served as director for institutional advancement & alumni relations, director for distance education, and later as associate vice president for enrollment management & special enrollment initiatives. Through these roles, he played a vital role in the growth and development of the college and its student body.

Throughout his career, he has been a respected educator, serving as a Visiting Professor and Principal Investigator at Stillman College and an adjunct professor at various institutions, including Claflin University, Midlands Technical College, Virginia College, Strayer University, and Denmark Technical College.  Furthermore, he served as the regional program director at the South Carolina Department of Social Services and as a school director and administrator at Boys Town of New York City, highlighting his dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of young individuals.


  • English 150
  • English 151