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Sharon L. Wade-Byrd
Sharon L. Wade-Byrd

Director of Accountability and Plan of Work, 1890 Research and Extension Robert L. Hurst Building 200803-536-8697

Sharon L. Wade-Byrd

Sharon L. Wade-Byrd plays a vital role at SC State University as she oversees and manages various crucial functions within the 1890 Research and Extension Program. Her primary responsibilities include preparing, directing, planning, administering, coordinating, designing, and controlling evaluations, staff development, training, and Plan of Work reporting activities. Sharon ensures that the 1890 Program remains compliant with the approved Plan of Work and meets the local, state, and federal reporting requirements.  As part of her role, Wade-Byrd is accountable for reporting on formula-funded activities and sharing the corresponding results related to the 1890 Research and Extension Program. Additionally, she proofreads and edits information and reports to ensure accuracy and clarity before disseminating them to relevant stakeholders.  This involvement contributes to the continuous improvement of the 1890 Program.


Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work, 1978, Benedict College, Columbia, SC

Master of Social Work degree, 1980, University of Georgia, Athens, GA


Wade-Byrd joined SC State University in 1982. During her 40-plus years of service, her roles and contributions have evolved. Initially, she worked in the research unit, where she conducted research on various projects, collected and analyzed data, prepared technical and scientific reports, and supervised staff. Additionally, Wade-Byrd was responsible for the preparation of papers for presentations and played a vital role in compiling monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. She also took on special projects assigned by the Executive Director.  Currently, Wade-Byrd's work extends to both units of the 1890 Research and Extension Program. Her expertise and commitment have made her an invaluable asset to the organization. Outside of her work at SC State, Wade-Byrd briefly served as a substitute teacher in Fairfield County, showcasing her dedication to education.

Research Interests

  • Gerontology
  • Drug use among elderly
  • Youth development

More About Sharon L. Wade-Byrd

Her achievements include graduating Cum Laude and obtaining a license as a Master Social Worker with a specialization in gerontology. Her commitment and accomplishments were recognized when she was honored as an Outstanding Young Women of America recipient. Sharon's leadership skills are evident through her past role as the President of the SC State Staff Senate, and she continues to be an active member of the organization.  With over four decades of service, Sharon's long-standing commitment to SC State University and her contributions to research, extension, and staff engagement demonstrate her dedication to the institution and its mission.