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SC State President Conyers issues zero tolerance reminder after fatal HBCU shooting in Delaware

Author: Sam Watson, Director of University Relations|Published: April 22, 2024|All News

ORANGEBURG, S.C. – South Carolina State University President Alexander Conyers on Monday, April 22, 2024, issued the following statement regarding his zero-tolerance position on guns and violence on campus:

Dear Campus Community,

As many of you may know, our fellow HBCU, Delaware State University, is coping with the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old woman on its campus over the weekend. We join the students, employees and families at Delaware State in mourning her loss.

This tragedy is a stark reminder of the horrible consequences of violence and the presence of firearms on college campuses. It should cause each of us to pause and reflect on what we must do to prevent similar events here at SC State.

That includes again emphasizing that SC State takes a zero-tolerance approach to any act of violence and the possession of lethal weaponry on this campus.

Anyone who thinks violence of any kind is an appropriate way to settle disputes is not welcome at SC State. Aside from sworn law enforcement officers, anyone who would use or even bring a firearm or other dangerous weapon to campus for any reason is not welcome at SC State.

Anyone who would enter the campus with illegal or ill intent is not welcome at SC State.

Those who do will be subject to the full consequences of the law. That includes students, who also will face consequences in the university’s judicial system.

All of us must remain vigilant about protecting one another. While the university has taken numerous steps to increase campus security over the last two years, your actions are equally essential to maintaining a safe campus for you, your instructors, your coworkers and your friends.

I cannot emphasize this enough. If you see something, say something. If you hear something, say something. Failing to do so puts everyone at risk.

Our Campus Police Department is here 24-7 to meet your needs. The office is located next to Moss and Belcher Halls. Call 803-536-7188 to report any suspicious activity or emergency. Emergency call boxes also are available in several locations on campus.

You may also call 911 to report an emergency.

Please also remember to follow sound safety practices on and away from campus:

    • Walk in pairs or in groups, especially at night.
    • Never allow a stranger into your room or apartment. Don’t lend anyone your ID to swipe themselves in. Don’t hold residence hall doors open for strangers or let in people you don’t know.
    • Lock the doors and windows to your room.
    • Lock your vehicle.
    • Periodically check your locks to make sure they are properly functioning.
    •  If you find that you have a broken lock, immediately report the problem to your resident assistant.

Your safety remains our top priority at SC State. Please join us in protecting everyone!

Alexander Conyers
13th President
South Carolina State University