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Student Support Services/TRIO

Student Support Services is a TRIO Program funded by the U.S. Department of Education to provide  comprehensive services designed to:

•  Increase student academic performance in a caring and nurturing environment.

•  Graduate eligible students who are capable of participating actively in a global society.

Student Support Services offers various services tailored to meet a student's individual needs.


Academic advising, personal, and career counseling.

Tutorial Services/Computer Lab

Free “one-on-one” and group tutorial services in English, mathematics, science, and business, and an in-house computer lab.

Development Workshops

Various workshops that address goal-setting, time management, test-taking, and other personal management skills.

Financial Aid Assistance

Assists and provides information in applying for federal financial aid and scholarships.

Cultural Experiences

Travel and exposure to the fine arts, cultures, and other academic presentations.


Eligible student participants are generally freshman and sophomore students who:

•  Meet federal economic guidelines.

• Are first-generation college students (neither parent has a four-year degree).

•  Meet federal guidelines for physical and learning-disabled individuals.

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