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Professional Chemistry

Professional Chemistry

Dare to make new discoveries and expand the boundaries of science with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Degree

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a scientist and working in a lab to make new discoveries? South Carolina State University’s Chemistry program can give you the tools and knowledge you need to help make your dream come true. 
The chemistry program prepares students for graduate studies as well as careers in research, medicine, health and industry. Students who major in chemistry gain a well-rounded understanding of the major branches of chemistry including analytical, inorganic, organic, physical and biochemistry. Students will be exposed to basic theoretical and practical experiences including research, techniques and instrumentation.

Why You Should Major in Chemistry at South Carolina State University?

SC State is one of only two Historically Black Universities (HBCUs) that offers radiochemistry concentrations at the undergraduate level. The small student to faculty ratio gives students more personable instruction in upper-level courses. Students have opportunities to participate in faculty lead research. Students also get to use research instrumentation in upper-level chemistry labs. This allows students to use programing used in both research and industry.

Learning Opportunities in the Chemistry Program

The chemistry program at SC State partners with Savannah River Environmental Sciences Field Station (SRESFS), which is a program where students can take their environmental science courses with hands-on experience while receiving a stipend. SRESFS is a fully grant funded program by the Department of Energy's Office of Environmental Management MSIPP. The program takes place during the summer months in Aiken, SC near the Savannah River Site.
There are four different tracts in the chemistry program. The pre-health tract is for those interested in careers in the medicine and healthcare field. The graduate studies tract is for those who wish to go into graduate studies. The environmental tract is for those who wish to study and work in the environmental science field. The radiochemistry tract provides students with training in nuclear chemistry. SC State is the only HBCU with undergraduate tracts in both radiochemistry and health physics.

Student Life Organizations Connected with the Program

  • Student Affiliate of ACS
  • Chem Phi Chem

What Can You do with a Chemistry Degree?

More than 80% of graduates from the chemistry program go on to graduate school. Some students work in industry for a year or two before beginning their graduate studies. Along with attending graduate school, graduates typically go on to work in different industrial laboratories or obtain research positions. Graduates of the chemistry program typically pursue careers as:

  • Chemical Technician
  • Forensic Chemist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Biochemist

What if I Want to Teach?

Chemistry Education

Chemistry Education

In cooperation with the SC State Department of Education, we offer a bachelor's degree in Chemistry Education.
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Master of Arts in Teaching

Master of Arts in Teaching

Maybe you've been in the world of work awhile, but you've always wanted to help kids learn science. So, you’ve developed a strong interest in teaching at the K–8 level.
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Master of Education in Secondary Education

Master of Education in Secondary Education

At South Carolina State University, our Master of Education in Secondary Education degree prepares you to effectively teach students in seventh through 12th grade and guide them to success in classrooms and in their futures.
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Alumni Testimonials from the Chemistry Program

“I love the chemistry faculty and staff!!! Amazing chemistry program that I round highly recommend.”

Ebony Thornton - class of 2020 

“After my mom died my freshman year, I felt extremely lost. So, I owe a piece of my heart and future career to all of you who have helped me to grow into the woman I will be as I graduate. Love you all so much!”

LaTayah Williams - class of 2020