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SC State’s First-Year Experience and SSC partner with USC scholars to educate University 101 students on antisemitism

Author: Allie Harris-Beeks, Communications Specialist|Published: March 05, 2024|All News, Faculty & Staff News


ORANGEBURG, S.C. –  The South Carolina State University First-Year Experience and the Student Success Center (SSC) have partnered with esteemed scholars from the University of South Carolina (USC) to educate University 101 students on the historic connections and relationships between Black and Jewish communities.

Dr. Devin Randolph and Meir Muller from USC, recently partnered with Stanley Wakefield, SC State computer lab coordinator for SSC, to facilitate a project for University 101 students that would provide a comprehensive overview of the topic, highlighting key factors that contributed to the alliance's success.

"I was elated to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Devin Randolph and Meir Muller from USC," said Dr. Lisa Sparks, executive director of the First-Year Experience at SC State. "During our meetings in the fall, Dr. Randolph shared three seminars that would delve in the historical alliance between the Black and Jewish communities. The freshmen in Mr. Wakefield’s University 101 class had the opportunity to inquire about various Jewish traditions and cultures."

The two-part project, sponsored by the Academic Engagement Network (AEN), aims to combat antisemitism and celebrates the historic alliance between Black and Jewish communities.

“Dr. Devin Randolph and Meir Muller addressed the pressing issue of contemporary antisemitism, delving into its causes and implications with knowledge and empathy. The lecture delivered valuable insights to the audience and served as a testament to the scholars' expertise in the field,” said Tyron Clinton, director of SC State’s SSC.

Randolph is an assistant professor and founding director of Social & Environmental Justice at Voorhees University and is a clinical assistant professor in the College of Education at USC. He received his Ph.D. in foundations of education with specialized competencies in school, society, and qualitative inquiry from USC.

His research reflects his knowledge and commitment to contemporary issues of inclusion, social justice, diversity, access, and human rights and equity.

Muller is an ordained rabbi who earned his Ph.D. in early childhood education from USC. His expertise and research examine issues of racial equality, constructivist theory and pedagogy, Jewish education, social studies education and preservice teacher preparation.

“This initiative will bring vital education and training to our campus community. Through seminars and student-focused sessions, we'll delve into the shared history of Black-Jewish solidarity and empower our students to address contemporary antisemitism with knowledge and empathy,” Wakefield said.

Selected students will have the opportunity to receive specialized training and serve as ambassadors for this important cause, ensuring that the SC State campus remains a beacon of understanding and progress. Those students will also receive $500 scholarships for participating in the antisemitism project.