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Environmental Monitoring & Restoration Certificate

Environmental Monitoring & Restoration Certificate

South Carolina State University founded the Savannah River Environmental Sciences Field Station in 1996 and has since used it in undergraduate education. The Field Station currently teaches undergraduate courses in environmental studies, natural resources management, and environmental engineering technology.
SC State’s Field Station has won two national awards, the National Hammer Award from the Office of the Vice President of the United States and the Government Seamless Award from the USDA, Forest Service, Southeastern Region, for its ability to weave together a collaboration between universities and the public and private sectors in students’ education.
SC State champions undergraduate education in environmental studies, natural resource management, and environmental engineering technology for minority students. SC State’s Field Station now includes 26 colleges and universities in its membership. Students, especially minority students are recruited from the member institutions for training at the Field Station.
SC State wants to expand this opportunity to include a graduate certificate program in Environmental Monitoring and Restoration. The program will help position the students for recruitment by the DOE, EPA, DHEC and other employers that are interested in skilled human resources.
The program emphasizes the application of basic and applied sciences in environmental monitoring and restoration. Classroom academic work will be at the Field Station classrooms and labs at the Savannah River Site. In addition, each student in the program will be involved in a long-term internship with the DOE, Westinghouse or other environmental organizations for field real-life and hands-on experience.

The Program

The graduate certificate program in Environmental Monitoring and Restoration is designed for:

  • People with a Bachelor of Science degree and who require advanced technical skills in environmental monitoring (pre-service applicants).
  • Those with a Bachelor of Science degree who already work for an environmental organization and require advanced training in environmental monitoring and restoration to further their careers (in-service applicants).

The Curriculum

The program consists of 18 semester hours of coursework selected from the following:

  • ENV 510 Patterns and Processes in Environmental Pollution and Remediation
  • ENV 550 Environmental Policy and Law
  • ENV 600 Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation
  • ENV 610 Environmental Restoration Technology
  • ENV 635 Directed Report Writing
  • ENV 636 Advanced Report Writing


To become eligible for the certificate, all applicants must:

  • Hold a Bachelor of Science degree
  • Meet all SCSU graduate school admission requirements
  • Be involved in a long-term internship if pre-service
  • Be employed by an environmental organization if in-service
  • Complete all certificate program coursework