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Human Development Consultant Certificate

Human Development Consultant Certificate

South Carolina State University’s graduate certificate in Human Development Consultant program is designed for learners:

  1. Currently enrolled in Individual and Family Development or a related graduate degree program at SC State.
  2. Who previously earned a graduate degree in a related discipline from an accredited institution.

Competencies acquired help to prepare for careers in a broad range of positions that focus on the normal stages of human development with emphasis on family as the core.

The Curriculum

The certificate in Human Development Consultant program consists of 15 semester hours of coursework, the equivalent of five courses, all of which must be selected from the following:

  • IFD 501 Family Life Education OR
  • IFD 515 Family: Middle & Later Years
  • IFD 516 Individual & Family Development
  • IFD 520 Advanced Child Development OR
  • CED 511 Child Growth & Development
  • CED 518 Consultation


To be eligible for the Human Development Certificate, applicants (without exception) must meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of a related master’s degree
  • Completion of certificate coursework
  • GPA minimum of 3.0
  • Adherence to University’s Graduate Studies regulations.