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Professional Writing Certificate

Professional Writing Certificate

The Professional Writing Certificate is an 18-hour credit certificate that provides students the opportunity to develop advanced workplace writing skills that combine creative thinking, analytical skills, and practical application. The certificate requires successful completion of six writing-focused courses above the freshman composition level, including five at the junior and senior levels. As part of their final coursework, students will take E 430 Advanced Professional Writing, a project-based course in which students apply the skills acquired in the other certificate program courses.
Students may complete the coursework in a completely online format or in a hybrid format of online and face-to-face courses.

Pre-requisites: Successful completion of E 150 English Composition I and E 151 English Composition II

Why get a Professional Writing Certificate?

Communication skills and the ability to compose and edit workplace documents are consistently in the top ten list of skills employers look for in employees. This certificate program can benefit current SC State students in other degree programs and individuals currently in the workforce and desire to enhance their work-related skills for potential advancement.
Advanced oral and written skills, the ability to work in teams, and the ability to compose and edit workplace documents are consistently among the top desired workplace skills. This certificate will be beneficial for a variety of careers.
Students who earn a certificate in Professional Writing at SC State will be able to do the following:

  1. Compose public, technical, and workplace documents.
  2. Create documents appropriate for target audiences.
  3. Collaborate effectively with fellow writers/colleagues.
  4. Effectively employ a variety of tools used for writing in a digital environment.
  5. Evaluate primary and secondary research for use in specific writing contexts.
  6. Design effective documents, including graphics and page design.

Who will teach me?

The courses in the Professional Writing Certificate Program have experience in teaching advanced writing courses, including work-related writing. In addition, the faculty have experience in composing such documents in their fields of English, composition, and mass communications.

What courses will I take?

All of these courses focus on the development of skills that writers need in the 21st-century workplace, including writing for digital contexts. In addition to sharpening their composition skills, students will create workplace documents, such as reports and proposals, and also practice their online skills through the creation of webpages and other digital media.

  • JOUR 210 Writing for Mass Communications
  • E 302 Advanced Grammar and Composition
  • E 313 Creative Writing
  • E 314 Public Writing for the Digital Age
  • E 330 Professional Writing
  • E 430 Advanced Professional Writing

Will I get professional experience?

In E 430: Advanced Professional Writing, students will work throughout the semester on a realistic professional writing project, starting with a formal proposal at the beginning of the semester and closing with the final product. Students may choose a project related to a problem or issue at their current workplace that they would like to address. As they work on their individual projects, students will work in teams assisting each other with feedback on their projects and developing shorter team-composed documents to assist their classroom peers with their work.

How do I apply?

To apply for admissions or for information about the Professional Writing Certificate program, visit the SC State Online website at: